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Receive our box each month, or pick one up to try your hand at some baking fun! 


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With pre-measured ingredients and an easy to follow recipe card, get to work in the kitchen! 


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Use the #TheInnocentBaker tag on social media and join our online community of innocent bakers! 


What's In the Box?

We supply all the necessary shelf stable ingredients you will need for each month’s recipe and give you a shopping list for all the perishable ingredients (if any) as well. We also include a special surprise that will assist you in bringing your baking creations to life.   So you never have to keep your pantry stocked up on baking ingredients or spend your time looking around for a fail proof recipe. Whether you are new to baking or not, our baking box offers something for everyone.


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  • “I get easily frustrated by it [baking] because of all the measuring and running throughout the grocery store collecting all of the fancy ingredients. THIS IS BAKING MADE EASY! ”

  • “I bake regularly, so I let my 7 and 5 year old take the lead. The easy to read instructions and the measured ingredients made them feel confident and proud of their creation. ”

  • “Searching for things to to keep the kids busy is HARD. @theinnocentbaker to the rescue on this cold and snowy inside day with their box of Red Velvet Donuts.”


Let's Bake Some Goodness!

We are excited to be Canada's first gourmet baking subscription box! Join the club today and start baking like a pro, right in your own kitchen!